About MedReach

About Us

MedReach is a website that has been created with the primary aim of simplifying the process of appointment booking with the desired doctors.It acts as a guide for the people to find the doctors and hospitals in their locality and thereby enables them to receive timely health service.

MedReach, with a wide database of specialty doctors, helps people in spotting the right kind of doctor or specialists for their illness. This website (medreach.in) helps to block appointments instantly, adding to this the people are also updated with the status of their appointments. By interfacing the hospitals with the MedReach module it enables booking of appointments with the specialists visiting various hospitals in the locality. This website also gives the profile information of the doctors and the hospitals. MedReach module also benefits the hospitals by the way of providing them an easier way to handle the appointments.

The effective tracking system provides information about the status of appointment and keeps the patient and the doctor informed in case of any changes or cancellations of the appointments.


To bridge the gap between doctors and patients through web based platform across the country, offering a service in selecting suitable consultant/doctor at their convenient timings by online appointment booking system.


To be recognized as a technical leader, binding patients and doctors across the country, thus making health care service accessible at the right time.