Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Patients

MedReach is a well-designed platform for patients to connect with the doctor nearby to receive the best care from the right source. Via MedReach, patients can book appointments with the doctors directly and thereby simplify the process of appointment booking.
1. The opportunity to choose the best doctor.
2. Appointment with the desired doctor at a convenient time.
3. SMS and mail updates on the status of the booked appointment.
4. Electronic health records made available for easy reference.
The appointment booking service is available 24 hours a day.

The appointment can be booked in any of the following ways,
1) Booking over the phone (+918122240240) between 9 AM to 7 PM.
2) Online booking
Step 1 : Visit and select doctor based on specialty, location, name or hospital.
Step 2 : Choose the doctor and convenient timing.
Step 3 : Fill in the required information.
Step 4 : Click SUBMIT button.
If the slot for the selected date has been filled, you can make an appointment on another slot and book your appointment.
The appointment booking service of MedReach is completely free.
Once the concerned doctor has approved the request, a confirmation message would be sent to your mobile number and a confirmation email would be sent as well. An email/SMS reminder will be delivered to you on the date of appointment to the email address/phone number that has been provided by you while booking the appointment.
Yes of course!!
All appointments booked online or through telephone are interlinked and hence you can reschedule or cancel your appointment through any of the two systems. If you are unable to attend the appointment as scheduled, you should reschedule or cancel the booking at least one hour before to help us allocate the slot to others.
If you know the doctor personally, then please request him/her to list on our site – it’s completely free. If not, then let us know by calling us at 8122240240. We would contact the doctor and list his/her profile in the website. We will be extremely grateful to you for helping us in adding more doctors to the portal‏.
Your chances while booking an appointment through MedReach are just the same as you use any other sites. We have no special tie-ups, relationships or consideration with doctors in this regards as we want to be an independent unbiased site for patients.

FAQ for Doctors

MedReach is a well verse designed platform for patients to connect with doctor nearby to receive the best care from the right source. Via MedReach, patients can able to book an appointment to a doctor directly to reduce the complexity in getting an appointment from the care givers. In the current healthcare scenario patients find themselves difficult to get their appointment from the doctor to get treated and cured.
Listing the doctor name in MedReach is free of cost. We charge only if you use our practice management tool.
1. You can get more patients other than your regular patients.
2. Free online profile.
3. Reduce your no shows.
4. Zero waiting time for patients.
5. Reduce work load & enquiries.
Yes. You can update if you practice in more than one clinic. For updating your details please contact MedReach by calling 9489912111 or mail us at Otherwise if you use our practice management tool, you can update by your own.
You can call 9489912111 or send mail to with your leave details, we will update it in website. Otherwise if you use our practice management tool , you can update by your own.
Yes. Every appointment is confirmed via email and SMS by specifying the appointment time, location and doctor chosen. You will also get the information through SMS, about the number of patients who booked appointment with Date/Time. And patient will also get reminder through SMS and mail with appointment Date/Time.
No particular system requirement needed. One basic computer with internet connection is enough to run system smoothly.
Basic computer skill is enough to handle our system effectively. If you are willing to add our tool, contact our office, our employee will explain about how to handle practice management tool.